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Thread: Non-Steam GTA-V running on Steam.

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    Default Non-Steam GTA-V running on Steam.

    Non-Steam GTA-V running on Steam.

    Adding GTA-V to Steam:
    For some this will be the only step, but when I run the game, the exe stopped working/responding/crashed...
    1. Open up Steam.
    2. Go to "Games" and click on "Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library"
    3. Search for GTA-V "GTAVLauncher.exe" and add it.

    Test if works, if not read on....

    When the game is added to Steam as a non-Steam game (like everybody else), what I then did was to create a *.batch file with the name "PlayGTAV.bat" and put this inside the bat file:

    @echo off
    TIMEOUT /T 5
    TASKLIST|FIND "GTAVLauncher.exe"
    IF NOT %ERRORLEVEL% == 0 GOTO stopped
    TIMEOUT /T 5
    GOTO search
    echo cheers

    This batch file I moved to where the game is installed.
    Then in Steam you right click on GTAV and then on "Properties", then you click on "CHANGE..." and change the "File Type" to all files and select the "PlayGTAV.bat".
    The cmd window will stay open when you start the game through Steam which will fool Steam into thinking that the game is running (which it is), the cmd will stop when you exit the game.

    Why my exe stopped working when I run it directly on any GTAV exe through steam, I do not know.

    Steam Overlay does not work (I think) and In Home Streaming streams the whole screen/desktop (I do not know if the is just my setup).
    At least your steam buddies will see that you are playing GRA-V

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    You can also change compatibility for PlayGTAV.exe settings to run as administrator. That will let you add the game normally. But your batch method works better, so thank you

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