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Thread: Top FPS: Celebrity Gaming Challenge

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    Eight FPS characters! Multiple challenges! One Winner! In this extreme reality special the best (but not necessarily the brightest) FPS superstars face off and compete for the title of Top FPS of all time!
    I never got the idea behind Reality TV shows, maybe I am too stupid or just maybe I know better or I don’t know at all. Okay now I have ended up confusing myself anyway… But there is one show I actually wish was real. “Top FPS” was created by a machinima team, and puts a number of well know first person shooter characters together, to see who is the best of the best with some hilarious results. Which you can check out below.

    Top FPS: Celebrity Gaming Challenge

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    Japanese reality shows...pure win of fail

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    At the 7 minute mark and allready wetting myself. (takes 5 minutes to load one)

    The singularity is about to explode! Weapons are at maximum.

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