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Thread: Forza Motorsport 6 Has A New Modifier System

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    Default Forza Motorsport 6 Has A New Modifier System

    For those of you who are obsessed with modifiers and racing- rejoice because Turn 10 studios revealed a new feature for Forza Motorsport 6. One such example of how the modifier works is that, it takes the player all the way back to the starting grid and takes away the rewinds, this in turn forces the player to zip through the race, and win with absolutely no mistakes.

    And if that were not enough this will also increase the XP and add a huge cash reward at the end. Creative director Bill Geise was inspired by the Skull system in Halo and added that feature in the game. The Skull system is a feature which uses mods where players can increase the difficulty that affects the gameplay intensely.

    No doubt mods will make the gameplay more intense and more exciting but Turn 10 stated that the true purpose of Forza 6 was all about giving the players a genuine racing experience. Forza Motorsport will release on September 15th exclusively on the Xbox One.

    Source: GamingBolt

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    I like that they are adding this to the game. It's really handy to have the rewinds available, but it makes you drive much more aggressive than you normally would. It's that sense that you have the rewind to fall back on if anything goes wrong. Without it the game will be much more tense. I also like the fact that they are giving a better reward to people using these modifiers.

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