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Thread: Telkom gave.. good service?!

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    Thumbs up Telkom gave.. good service?!

    I got home from work Monday evening to find that my Telkom line was dead as a dodo. The router would not connect, and there was no dial tone. I did the typical troubleshooting, replugging everything, but quickly confirmed that the problem was upstream of me.

    I started crying on the inside. Anyone who has had to deal with Telkom before knows why. Their service is terrible. I was discouraged and depressed.

    I decided to confirm that there wasn't some area-wide fault, before logging a ticket. Anything to keep hope that the problem could be resolved without trying the helpline! I checked a couple of ISP's network status pages, but no luck. I put my number into the Telkom fault checker, but it came back clean. I wept. Alone in the shower, so that my wife wouldn't see, but weeping was happening.

    Tuesday morning, I opened a ticket online and asked @HelloTelkom on Twitter about area wide faults. They replied that there were none, and for my ticket number so that they could take a look. By Teusday afternoon, @HelloTelkom got back to me, and told me that ports had been reset, and asked me to check the results. I could only do so Tuesday evening, but there was no change.

    Wednesday morning, @TelkomZa (still on twitter) let me know that a technician had been to my house, and that the gardener wouldn't let him in as he was the only person there (note to self: give Andries a bonus). They did look at what they could do in the Telkom box off premises though, and would I report back. Unfortunately, it didn't work. I told @TelkomZA as much on Twitter, and asked them to just phone me before pitching up. I'm a helluva long way away during the day, so the techies are just wasting their own time. They reply that they had escalated the ticket to the manager so that this would happen.

    Thursday afternoon. My wife phones me. From the landline. She was home sick for the afternoon, and the techies showed up again. They spent a total of 10 minutes at our place and the neighbour's (where the pole is), and it was all fixed.

    The Telkom twitter team kept me up to date and served as a great communication point through the whole process. The replied quickly, and with useful information, and while the technicians failed to phone me to confirm I'd be at home, the reacted quickly and got the job done at a much better standard than I am used to through dealing with Telkom for the past decade or so.

    In future, I won't ever bother with any other communication outlet to Telkom than Twitter.

    I never thought I would ever say this, but well done Telkom. You've impressed me.

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    Yep it is best to get a fault number and then deal with them via twitter and even FB. I have sorted out a two year issue via FB and the fact that they actually listened to me there and sent a higher up techie not just a junior who couldnt find his arse without a map.

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    I must say I was impressed with their service as well, I signed up for a 10mb line on a Monday, and it was installed and working the next Tuesday, only took a week from sign up to installation.

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    Also had a good experience with Telkom. Noticed the voice portion of my line was dead but ADSL was still working. This was on a Sunday at about 13:00. Logged a call on their website. 45 minutes later (I shit you not) I get a call on my landline from a Telkom techie saying the problem has been sorted.

    One of the wires was not properly terminated on the exchange box. That’s why voice was not working but ADLS was up. Apparently ADSL still works on a single wire.

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    Also getting good service from Telkom. Applied for a telephone line and ADSL in April, within 2 weeks it was all up and running.

    Only "bad" thing was, they didn't register my account as "Debit ORder" which I initially specified for on the application form. Logged a request to have it fixed and debit order went off for the next month

    They also seem to jump quick on the overloaded exchanges, was getting 200 - 300ms latency in the evenings, within a week it came down to 20 - 30ms after call was logged.

    So despite all the negativity around them, especially on their Facebook.. they do provide good service every now and then.
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