[IMG]Ghost Games saw a resurrection of sorts when the new Need for Speed was announced for PS4, Xbox One and PC. This will be the first new game in the series since its suspension following Need for Speed Rivals. GamingBolt had a chance to speak to producer Lianne Lim about the upcoming racer.

Concerning the resolution and frame rate on Xbox One and PS4, and whether it would be 1080p resolution and 60 FPS, Lim said, “So we’re not talking about exact requirements/specs right now cause we’re still kind of confirming some of that and going through the development phase. We can confirm that a bit later on.

” Has Ghost Games experienced any trouble with the Xbox One’s eSRAM and programming for it? Lim said, “No, not really. It’s on Frostbite 3 so we get a lot of fidelity through that anyway and obviously certain development things we have to go through (laughs) but nothing too specific or crazy.” Need for Speed releases on November 3rd for current gen platforms.

Source: GamingBolt