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Thread: List of ISP's in SA

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    Quote Originally Posted by LLoydizle View Post

    Im planning on going with Crystal Web. Im just waiting for Telkom to set up my ADSL line. They seem to be taking ages to sort it out!
    Yeah they aren't quickest bunch around. Hopefully wherever you live already has a phone line jack installed inside the house and it was just disabled, then they can just come and activate it.
    If there is no jack or line going to the house, that can take a bit longer still.

    PLEASE, to save yourself some headache, if Telkom do need to activate a line for you, make sure you tell them over and over you want it for ADSL and that they should activate ADSL on the line. I have heard of so many instances (including myself) where Telkom came and activated the phone line but did not activate the ADSL on it, so they had to come out again which resulted in more waiting.

    I hope you come right quickly though. Once you have the line and it is activated, getting a data package from an ISP is quick, like 10 - 15mins and you're up and running.

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    Avoid Axxess like the plague. They used to be fairly decent, but more recently, their service is nothing short of awful. Their staff is very friendly, but utterly incompetent.

    My 2ยข.

    Edit: Axxess is starting to come right. Looks like things are heading in the right direction, at the very least.
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