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Thread: Steam weekend deal: Far Cry series is half-off

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    Default Steam weekend deal: Far Cry series is half-off

    The first Far Cry may seem a bit ancient if you've never played it before, but Far Cry 2 is still a very viable source for securing your quota of fun. Each are 50 percent off on Steam this weekend -- Far Cry for $5 and Far Cry 2: Fortune's Edition for $10.

    If you're wondering what all of the hullabaloo is about, this collection of words should help clear it up for you. Or you could just check out this image in our gallery. If you click through the images fast enough, it's almost like you're playing the game!

    Source : Joystiq

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    already linked in the steam specials thread- that's what it is for

    The Steam specials thread

    all specials will be on page 1, post 1. if i missed one then please add as a new reply and i will add it to page 1 post 1

    but i see the deal is now over as per
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    I still say, Farcry 2, if it were a moddable game, it would still be one of the highest ranking games out there, as it's got HUGE potential. well HAD huge potential.

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