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Thread: Scalebound’s New Trailer Brings Eight Minutes Of Gameplay Greatness

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    Default Scalebound’s New Trailer Brings Eight Minutes Of Gameplay Greatness

    Scalebound might be the winner of Gamescom right on the first day of the gaming conference. Despite the fact that some people working on the game were a bit nervous about the way Microsoft was going to market the game the title, it appears the company found the right touch. You’ve already seen one gameplay video for the game but now there’s another one thanks to IGN that gives us just a bit longer look at the talk of the gaming world today.

    The videos today are the first real look at a game that got a bit of a reveal at E3 but left plenty of people wanting more. With this eight minute video, we’re certainly getting a very good look at how the game will operate and who exactly you’ll be playing as. We knew there were going to be dragons from all the materials we’ve seen so far, but these videos give us a real glimpse into how they will operate in the game’s world.

    IGN brings us this longer video, which does have some of the same content from the original with about three minutes added in. That’s three more minutes of watching the game’s protagonist take on enemies and explore a vast world, all while having his trusty sidekick dragon near him all the time. This kind of presentation always wets our appetites and now we just have to sit back and wait. Scalebound isn’t expected to release until the Holiday season of 2016.

    Source: GamingBolt

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    The game looks good, but what is up with that framerate? I usually don't notice FPS but that was pretty damn noticeable. Hopefully they sort that out.

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