Rumors that Horizon Zero Dawn would get pushed back to a 2017 release date appear to be completely false, according to Guerrilla Games. Those rumors started just ahead of Gamescom’s kickoff and were started by a journalist for RocketBeansTV. During the report, a Neogaf user quickly caught on to the fact that the journalist mentioned a 2017 release date for the game. The news quickly spread and eventually got to the point where Guerrilla Games had to come out and make sure everyone knew they are still targeting a 2016 release date.
The title’s producer Mark Norris took to the thread on Neogaf in order to make sure the rumors were false. “Hey GAF! Mark Norris from Guerrilla here. I just wanted to let you all know (and hopefully a mod can put it in the OP) that we are targeting a 2016 release date.” He posted. If that wasn’t enough the developers also took to Twitter to make sure the news got out there to as many people as possible. They were asked on the social media site if they were planning on bringing the game to market in 2016 and they matter of factly responded “yes we are.”
Obviously, we’ve seen a number of games get delayed that were slated for release this year and last so it doesn’t mean that Zero Dawn absolutely won’t be delayed at some point. It does mean, that right now the game is still slated to hit retail by the end of next year. Horizon Zero Dawn doesn’t have an official release date but its expected to hit around the holidays of 2016.

Source: GamingBolt