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    Hey Guys and Gals

    So I have myself an interesting situation this side with estate agents and dodge dealings need a decent lawyer or legal advice for my friend who has the lease that I stay with.

    Anyone recommend a decently priced way of getting some legal advice etc..

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    Let me tag [MENTION=395]Wenzdayz[/MENTION] she might be able to help

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    Dodge dealings as in how? will need a bit more info than that....
    Quote Originally Posted by Eugene View Post
    Hello WinzEveryDayz.

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    my work has a cpt branch so as wenz says bit more info :P

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    Hey Guys let ,me PM you

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    Quote Originally Posted by B1nary View Post
    Hey Guys let ,me PM you
    But...but then the rest of us can't see what heinous crimes you committed.

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    I was nowhere near the fire at the time, it was spontaneous combustion

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