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Thread: 80Gbps fire-to-the-home will soon be a reality

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    Default 80Gbps fire-to-the-home will soon be a reality

    80Gbps fire-to-the-home will soon be a reality

    And you thought 100Mbps was fast.

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    Please no...
    Can't have fire to my house.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gr33nFIEND View Post
    80Gbs of fire to my home? Per Second?!
    Err, no thanks.
    (Don't you just love the unintended consequences of typos occasionally? )

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    /Hops on the "please no fire to my home" bandwagon
    /Burns wagon with said fire
    /Proclaims self to be "wagon burner"
    /Takes a bow
    /Exits stage left
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    Until you have fast fibre and realise right now that even 500 is a complete waste of time...80 000...well you get the drift.

    The wifi tech (!!!) isn't fast enough to keep up with a 500mbps line so you've got a bottle neck in your house (or you need to throw ethernet cables everywhere). And even if wifi could keep up very few servers can sustain that kind of throughput anyway. Even stuff like news downloads tops out below 100...

    Only reason I'm on 100 instead of 50 is that the packages are linked to daytime data cap & its cheaper to get 100 than buy more daytime data separately.
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