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Thread: Prince of persia DLC DELAYED!!!

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    Default Prince of persia DLC DELAYED!!!

    If you're anything like us then you've been eagerly anticipating the release of the Prince of Persia "Epilogue" DLC, which was due to drop tomorrow. Unfortunately, you've got a little longer to wait, as Ubisoft's twitter feed has revealed a "new release date," otherwise known as a one week delay. The DLC will now be available on March 5, instead.

    Clearly there was some sort of last minute problem -- though the tweet gives no indication as to what -- for the DLC to have been delayed only a day before release. A disappointing misstep, especially with no Elika around to rescue it from its week-long drop to the floor.

    WTF Ubi u do this a day before!!!??? that deserves a panty kick voicy im sure u even agree

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    I have this game. Played quite a bit and to be honest it's way too repetitive. You just jump all over the place until you find one useless guy to kill and then you jump all over the place again. It's over rated. Assassins Creed was better.

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    I agree on the fact that the game really is way too repetitive
    However I still enjoy playing the game, being quite a Prince of Persia fan
    Worst part is that I already traded in my Prince of Persia for another PS3 game, so will have to lend it from a friend just for the epilogue

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    Thinking of trading mine but I haven't finished it. Don't know if I'll ever finish it either.

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