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Thread: Gnomoria

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    That name sounds like something south park.
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    There is another game in development similar to this called "Rim World"
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    So here's what I learned from my first two kingdoms:

    -Don't build a fancy great hall with a high worth early on. It might attract more gnomads, but it also attracts the attention of enemy kingdoms.
    -Don't dig past -7 early on. Dig for stone in -7 or above. Also use torches to prevent enemies from spawning in the darkness.
    -Assign 1 gnome to each type of job in the first season and then as you get more gnomes assign them to jobs that require more workers.
    -Build two crude workbenches and have one produce a lot of planks while the other produces the materials needed for more advanced workshops. As soon as you have to of each of sawmill, carpenter, stone cutter and stone mason - destroy the crude workshops. They produce much more slowly than the advanced workshops.
    -Try and get an ambassador and merchant asap so that you can buy more female yaks. A male yak can impregnate one female an evening, so you don't really need more than one male. If the female gives birth to another male, butcher it for bones.
    -Fence in your yaks for protection against wild animals and attacking goblins.
    -Try to equip all gnomes with at least leather armor for extra survivability.

    And that's it for now. Now on to my third kingdom.

    Also, gnome hitler!

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    Is it finished? Towns (Don't even consider getting Towns!) made me think really carefully about all these games.
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    [MENTION=4467]Graal[/MENTION] Wow you've been busy! I only played about an hour last night. Haha and that does look like a gnome Hitler!
    [MENTION=2399]czc[/MENTION] I never played Towns. I wanted to get it but read about the developer abandoning it. Gnomoria looks pretty complete to me. I wouldn't really know what's missing though. Also I believe there's a developer channel or something where you can get updates of the game being worked on. Or was that another game? Nah I think it was Gnomoria.

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    Yeah, I had a fair bit of time between getting my PC formatted and back up to scratch.

    I've just discovered the Indev branch which is updated more frequently, so I'm about to give that a try.

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