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Thread: *WINNERS ANNOUNCED* Win 2TB USB 3.0 external hard drive, or a mystery gadget

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    Good luck not feeling like entering the activity competitions anymore.

    Ichigo Ftw

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    Thanks [MENTION=289]Jan[/MENTION] - Why do you do this to me! Please withdraw me from this comp

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    More prizes, it's not Christmas yet
    My ignore list: n/a

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    Wouldn't you like to know?


    Awesome yet another Give away already!!! =D Goodluck every1 !!

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    The more the merrier. Thanks for giving the others another chance at winning something
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    Do i even need to try for this one? seeing as out of all the regular active members i think it's me and Farlight that are the only ones not to have won something major on my gaming . I are iz a Sad Sad Panda

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    Good luck mina sama

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    The mystery gadget sounds intriguing

    I'll see if I can partake in this one. Missed the last few comps. Work's been really hectic.

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    Here we go again! [MENTION=12147]8sh[/MENTION] like the new avatar!

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    Why would you want people to be all active and stuff? isnt there a way to compete that's less high maintenance? what would we even talk about? couldnt we just get a bot to post for us?

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