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Thread: Windows 10 to implement advertising

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    Default Windows 10 to implement advertising

    Windows 10 to implement advertising

    Distributing Windows 10 for free was a stroke of brilliance for Microsoft , but it’s time for Microsoft to earn some of that money back on their investment.

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    First paid youtube now this? gah...
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    Soon, there will be an adblocker for that too. Not worried much
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    Thanks to advertising I discovered, so if you can choose what type of adverts you want to see it is cool with me.

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    Dont understand why anyone would jump on something just because its free. People should be a bit more cautious and think ahead, think whats the catch? Trust no one and nothing. Live stealth. Have you learned nothing from Sam Fisher, Snake, Altair etc.....

    One day your wife, girlfriend, family member will sit at your PC and then all these adds for blow up sex sheep will start popping up because Microsoft has been data mining your websearches. You think you are safe with a delete history button?? hahaha, think again.

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