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Thread: Blizzards Overwatch coming to PS4 and X-Box 1!!!

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    Default Blizzards Overwatch coming to PS4 and X-Box 1!!!

    Can we get a HEEEELLL YESSS!!!!

    Overwatch, the team-based shooter from Blizzard Entertainment, is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in addition to Windows PC, Blizzard confirmed today. The game, described as Overwatch: Origins Edition in a pre-order promotion on, is expected to arrive next spring.

    According to the listing, Overwatch will be released sometime before June 21, 2016.

    It's not clear yet what the "Origins Edition" designation means, but it could be Blizzard's way of describing the launch version of the game with a roster of characters that grows over time as new content is released. We've reached out to Blizzard for details on its plans for Overwatch.

    BlizzCon 2015 kicks off this Friday, Nov. 6, where we expect to hear more about Overwatch (and Blizzard's other games). The hero-centric shooter is currently in a closed beta test.

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    Blizzard giff Beta ;/

    Lol, in all honesty I'll be paying to play this game. Hopefully local retailers will be able to sell this at say between R400 - R500. Looking at this morning, 59.99 Euro for the PC standard Overwatch edition isn't on for me right now.
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