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Thread: Star Wars Battlefront, getting it or not?

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    Question Star Wars Battlefront, getting it or not?

    Pardon this poll, but I'm kinda leaning towards getting it. The game looks great, beta was also great, got kinda...wont say bored, but something like that near the end, but I think maybe that was because there was only two maps, and the one was kinda unbalanced...

    Anyway, as kind of a general indicator, now just before the launch, are you thinking of getting?
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    I am going to wait for it to go on sale rather, I was not wowed enough in the beta to consider buying it on release.

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    Gonna skip on this. It just didnt wow me. I'm also not paying R600 for a multiplayer only title and then another ~R600 for the missing bits they will be adding via dlc.

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    No Campaign mode made me disinterested in it. It would have been nice to re-play some of the epic battles that took place in the SW universe as well as in the previous games.

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    My current PC can't run it so I'll consider it after I've upgraded. I'll probably grab it on special later on.

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    I might get it, if I have the money, but there are other games that are coming out that are more important. aka. Fallout 4
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    Hells yeah I'm getting it. Already pre-ordered the limited edition for Xbox One, plus gonna get the season pass for it as well. I'm super excited for the game and can't wait for it to launch!!!!

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    It looks like loads of fun, but I think I'll pass… I'm not gonna pay $110 for a game that only has multiplayer.

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    Battlefront EA doesn't seem to be worth the money.
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    I decided to rather get Just Cause 3, I will wait for a decent sale on this before dipping my wick.

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