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Thread: Rage 2015

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    Default Rage 2015

    So rAge is on the go, feel free to post pics and talk about what you saw and did there

    The Highlights for me where the occulus rift and the fact that there were more gaming related stalls this year

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    I really enjoyed rAge this year. I won't recommend going on a Saturday in future. It was packed! There was lines for everything!

    Highlight for me was definitely the VR Headsets! It's on another level.

    CNA was sold out on PS4's and Xbones by the time I visited.

    I also enjoyed the local games at the Home Coded stand as well! It felt different knowing that it was developed in SA.

    A lot of cosplay was going around. Some awesome makeup!

    Overall, It was definitely worth the time.
    Thanks again to MyGaming and rAge for the tickets!
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    Dropping by there tomorrow with 2 guys from work. It'll be interesting to see hoe things changed in the 7 years since I've been there...
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    Fridays and Sundays are the days to go if you don't want hectic lines I'm here now and loving it, watching the big screen today

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    Would anyone like to see cosplay pictures from rage? I can get off one of my facebook sites

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    There was quite a lot of cosplay. The dude in the huge robot suit was quite epic.
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    Nice pics Donsie! Cool and post the cosplay pics!

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    Personally I wasn't that impressed. It seems to be commercialised than a gaming expo, but that's just my view. I love the cosplay though.
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    Nice one, [MENTION=14824]Donisia[/MENTION]!

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