Unlike most horror games, the best way to experience F.E.A.R 3 is not all by yourself. In fact I wouldn't really recommend this as a single player game - but as a co-op experience it is truly awesome.

The campaign can be played through as a 2 player co-op, one of you is the Point Man (the protagonist from the first F.E.A.R) and the other player is Paxton Fettel (the antagonist of the first F.E.A.R). As Point Man you pretty much run and shoot as usual but also have the slow-mo ability. As Fettel, you can possess enemy soldiers, using their guns and their bodies as meat-shields. You also have some telekinetic abilities, throwing objects, lifting soldiers, "force-choke" (and your partner can shoot them while you grip them in the air).

The shootouts are a great deal of fun and the game is at its best when the action is frenetic. The horror/scare moments become more of a distraction in this game. I'm fine with that though, it's the action that I'm here for.

The real highlight though are two of the 4 player co-op modes. F**kin Run! and Contractions.
In F**kin Run you have a wall of death coming up behind you that you have to escape from. In your way are soldiers/mutants/APC's etc. and so you have to kill them in the most efficient way while never stopping moving. This game mode is tense and will get your adrenaline flowing. It's a blast!

Contractions is a round-based horde mode, but one that ramps up the difficulty nicely so that the tension is always there in trying to get through each round. Also, Alma appears every now and then, accidentally shooting or even looking at her can result in you being blinded for a few precious seconds or getting teleported out into the midst of the attacking forces.

F.E.A.R. 3 has provided me with some of the most tense and entertaining 4 player co-op I've ever played. I highly recommend it... but only if you are not alone...