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Thread: That one moment,scene.

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    Default That one moment,scene.

    We all have our tv series we enjoy. What is the moment/scene you got hook on it?

    Got hooked on stargate when my niece rented the vhs of stargate movie.

    Warehouse 13 when artie showed the agents the warehouse.
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    Hmm, I can't remember for Stargate. But recently I discovered continuum and it was the opening that hooked me. The guy stating why they need to do something the police rush in, he says its too late and the giant building in the background explodes.
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    The Walking Dead.
    Rick gets shot then wakes up in an abandoned and decrepit hospital.

    The Missing season 2.
    The flashback of how Alice was abducted, then the clip of present day her stumbling into the centre of the town.

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