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Thread: The best games of 2015, according to The Game Awards

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    Default The best games of 2015, according to The Game Awards

    The best games of 2015, according to The Game Awards

    Having excited us with new titles, The Game Awards 2015 was an award show. So, just what is the best game of 2015?

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    I thought Fallout4 would be there somewhere
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    I played both Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 and must say i agree with the results. Witcher 3 , while having its flaws, was a huge leap forward from the previous game . Fallout 4 on the other hand, while a good game, was not by any means a huge leap from Fallout 3/New Vegas. I think bethesda is seriously milking the last bit out of that engine (loading screens behind every door is sooooooo freaking immersion breaking, especially after Witcher 3 that has none of that ).

    The Fallout 4 main plot is nothing compared to Witcher 3, seriously it's paper thin and almost confused with a side mission! Witcher 3, while i personally was dissapointed with how it ended, i definitely felt the story to be alot more "epic" and actually mysterious and interesting (like a good book) whereas the Fallout 4 story....meh..i just remember having to find my son and errr....what story?
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