Ron Rosenberg and Scot Amos have been appointed the new co-studio heads for Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics.

According to the studio's announcement, Amos and Rosenberg took over in heading the studio a couple of months ago to ensure a smooth transition.

"I’m thrilled to take the next steps of growing our studio and expanding our portfolio, while continuing to foster an environment where our developers can learn and grow as they craft beloved products," Amos said of his new role at Crystal Dynamics.

Rosenberg also shared a few words, saying: "We’re always working to make the best game we can for our players, and I’m excited to take this even further in my new role."

Additionally, Square Enix announced that Darrell Gallagher, its Head of Product Development and Western Studios, will be departing the company at the end of the year. He worked at Square Enix for over 10 years and oversaw a number of projects at the company, including this year's critically-acclaimed action adventure, Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Source: IGN