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    Cool MyGaming Brute Force Competition 2016

    Last year we had a little competition to generate some new threads here at MyGaming. It's often times easier to reply to threads than to create new ones and this often leads to a fairly quiet forum. DarthMol and MalicE were the only people to make it to the end of the competition and the eventual winner was DarthMol in a random draw.

    This year things will work a little differently. The goal is to create one new thread a week. However it can't be a news post. Example of a news post:
    Dohc does a really great job with that but it's not what I'm looking for with this competition.

    The thread that you create can be anything else though but try and generate discussion. Whether it's a thread for your favourite game:
    Or a thread about some gaming topic:
    Or even an Off Topic thread:
    They will all count.

    The prize is a gift voucher of some kind to the value of R500. Currently it's a choice between a Makro or a Checkers voucher but this may change towards the end of the year. Maybe I will be able to give the winner a choice.

    If you wish to enter please post in this thread that you want to participate. Entries close on the 18th of January when it will start.

    Only people with 100 posts or more may enter.

    A week starts on a Monday. I will check every week to see whether all the participants created a thread. There's no need to post your entries anymore.

    I am the organiser of this competition and my word is law. If I disqualify someone then my word counts. I won't be unfair though. I mean the whole idea is to create discussion not have fights and things.

    The competition ends 27 November 2016. After which the draw will happen shortly after. I will ask an admin here to do the draw and if they won't then I'll do it using a random number generator.

    The competition will only commence if we have at least 5 participants.

    This competition is not affiliated with MyGaming and they won't be sponsoring the prize. Don't bother MyGaming admin and mods with this.

    If you are going on holiday and can't post then please let me know beforehand and you will be required to create threads before you go on holiday.

    Hopefully that's everything. May this be an awesome year for MyGaming!


    Fallen Out of Contention
    [MENTION=6410]Jaco Smit[/MENTION]
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