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Thread: Superbru 2016

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    Cool Superbru 2016

    MyGaming Club

    MyGaming Pools
    Super Rugby Predictor
    Super Rugby Fantasy
    Super Rugby Superstars (BETA) (prev Fantasy Lite)
    Six Nations
    Top 14 Predictor
    World Sevens
    F1 Motorsport
    World T20

    None so far

    If you haven't done so yet, join the MyGaming Superbru club:
    It's to keep track of how much better everyone else are than you. Everyone in the club get invitations to all future pools.

    The following pools now have prizes! But with rules! Thanks [MENTION=6280]Blazzok[/MENTION]!
    Super Rugby Superstars BETA
    Super Rugby Predictor
    Super Rugby Fantasy

    Some rules:

    1. Only MyG members are eligible for the prizes. If someone else from outside MyG wins a specific pool, they will not get the prize. The prize will then go to the highest ranked MyG member in that pool.
    2. If your name on Superbru differs from your name on the forum please post your Superbru name here so I can easily identify you. If he is willing, I will ask Solitude to help me at the end of the tournament to make sure I don't make a mistake.
    3. Only MyG members with 200 or more posts are eligible to win.
    4. The prize for each pool will be a R250 Takealot voucher. No cash instead of the voucher.
    5. If the winner of a pool does not want the prize, it will go to the next MyG member down the list.
    6. The rules are subject to change/be updated if I think of something else. I will make it clear that the rules have been changed if I do change them.
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    Joining right now hopefully i can focus more this year.

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    The 2 existing pools have been started last year already but there will be more competitions coming soon. For now it's worthwhile to join the club if you haven't joined yet.

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    53 days til super rugby starts thank goodnes!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlienTaker View Post
    53 days til super rugby starts thank goodnes!!!!!
    It's gonna be weird with the new format! I do hope that South Africa does better this year.

    Oh and [MENTION=289]Jan[/MENTION], can please you sticky this thread and remove the 2015 one?

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    I have a nice link i will post tonight for the less informed sports fans about the new format

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    Tips for travellers to Thailand:

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    Have created pools for Six Nations and Super Rugby. Have also sent out invitations to everyone in the club. Will post details for people who aren't part of the club a bit later (probably this evening but it may be this weekend or next month or whenever).

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    Hey folks

    We are running a new MyBB Super Rugby competition this year - a combination of the RWC comp and Superbru.

    Feel free to read up on it and join up when the time comes!!

    See here:

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