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Thread: Destiny of Ancient Kings

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    Well you will not know until you try it... i don't know how people always say i don't know if its real and don't Evan google it common man its easy you can just click on this here and i can Evan get you a Promo code its the one i used its 2016PXYZ71 you get free stuff if you use it. You will not know until you try it, and just to point out they don't ask for bank details or nothing.

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    Seems legit. Two first time posters praising the game and now a referral code.

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    I started playing last week and got my cousin hooked too lol. Very enjoyable if you don't mind the dated graphics but what can you expect from a 1.4gb game.

    I actually prefer the game over Neverwinter. There's also a lot of events to do and trades to specialise in.

    Just a plus that due to the low requirements I can take the SO's 11 inch lappie to work to finish some dailies.

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