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Thread: Destiny of Ancient Kings

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    Default Destiny of Ancient Kings

    Has anyone seen or played this yet ? It's supposedly a South African made MMO:

    I might be late to the party but its the first i have heard of it, It seems like it launched early December and looks like its free.

    Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms is a tremendous game that thoroughly entertain its players. Being unique to its kind we take a lot of pride in saying: "Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms, is a South African Local 3D online computer Game" (

    With three completely different kingdoms to conquer: Kingdom of Magic, Kingdom of Dragon, Kingdom of Nature and six class features: The Swordsman, The Magician, The Friar, The Archer, The Soul Eater and The Assassin you can overthrow them and rule all. Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms better known to its players as DOAK, gives you the opportunity to transform your imagination into a character you can combat, rule and socialise with other players all over South Africa. Above all, the players are the driving force behind the success we pride ourselves in.

    Feel the thrill of adrenalin rushing through your veins as Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms takes you on an adventure, discovering worlds and kingdoms of another dimension. We have surrounded our self with the best graphic designers, the most original creators and the newest technology to tell this Ancient Legend in the form of a game.

    As you fight monsters and mystical creatures, gift items gets dropped for you to pick up to improve and boost your powers, which you can practice and then increase, the more you use them. These gift items can be traded with other players as well, all depends on what you need and what you are willing to trade. In the game there is a market icon, where you can select different clothes and transform your character into anything you desire.

    Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms' origin comes from an ancient legend, long ago and how different races came to be and how different worlds were discovered due to greed for both wealth and power. The Gods from the Ancient lands created a new race and from this new race they favoured one individual and he was chosen to be the Lord of a new Kingdom. The new born Lord built a Kingdom by using his powers. Watch how greed for both wealth and power can be the downfall to a Great King and His Followers.

    Discover the Legend of Different Kingdoms and a tale far told to the modern world, the Mystery of where the Ancient Kingdoms Lord was summoned, where he slumbers. When will he order his troops to attack to take back his rightful place as the Lord of the Ancient Kingdoms as he once was?

    The creatures in Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms has never been seen before and makes you drift away to a world full of mystery and fantasy filled with hours of both amusement and entertainment. Going to combat with a monster, practising your powers, socialising with your friends, go fishing, chatting with other players, Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms has it all.

    Playing the game you will discover new worlds and see how everything came to be, create your own adventure and Destiny by playing the Game of Ancient Kingdoms.

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    Hasn't this been mentioned somewhere around here, and it wasn't very well received?

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    Yeah was in the gaming chat thread.

    tl;dr: Rebranded Chinese MMO.

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    Oops sorry

    Yeah looking at the website that's the first thing i thought, seems a bit "cheap", but I haven't given it a try myself

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crableg View Post
    Oops sorry

    Yeah looking at the website that's the first thing i thought, seems a bit "cheap", but I haven't given it a try myself
    Yeah, from what I remember it caused quite the heated debate here.

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    There's a GIF for that MetalSoup's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crableg View Post
    Oops sorry

    Yeah looking at the website that's the first thing i thought, seems a bit "cheap", but I haven't given it a try myself
    Yeah, MyGaming even had an informative article on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MetalSoup View Post
    Yeah, MyGaming even had an informative article on it.
    Right it seems i completely missed all of this.

    Did anyone end up playing it at all?

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    I would like to know too if anyone is playing this. Just basically want to know if it is any good - Guess I will just have to try.

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    I just don't know - MMO hosted locally in SA - Can SA handle a MMO reliably?

    Looks Japanese or Chinese - Can't see that this was locally produced.

    *EDIT* Oops - see [MENTION=13506]Apollo[/MENTION] did mention in fact that it is a re-branded Chinese MMO.
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    It is crap. Tried it a few months ago. Cheap low quality eastern mmorpg.

    Why are the comments disabled on the articles? Don't want to see negative comments on the adverts disguised as articles/ news?

    Already removed mybroadband from my feed reader cause of the advert articles. Guess I'll remove mygaming too.
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