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Thread: Gamma Nine - My debut novel - Cover concept and info.

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    Exclamation Gamma Nine - My debut novel - Cover concept and info.

    We were not afraid when we set out to conquer the stars. Humankind spread throughout the systems, inhabiting every planet and moon we discovered, plundering as our kingdom spread like a cancer through the void. Nothing could stop us, and for centuries we were the kings of the known universe. Our borders crept further from our birth-planet with every day that passed, bringing more worlds into the fold of Humankind's star kingdom.

    We thought we were invincible. We thought it would last forever. But as history had bitterly taught us time and time again - nothing lasts forever.

    An entity, ancient and ravenous, had been waiting for an ignorant species like our own in the darkness between the stars. It changed us, turned our own flesh against us and then it slowly consumed us.

    We halted its bloody advance through our kingdom, sacrificing millions to stop it from destroying what we had built. We needed something to lead the fight against its insatiable hunger, we needed heroes.

    The question on everyone's lips was how would Humankind survive these dark times. After many years of bloodshed we finally found the answer when the Titans were born. They were our beacons of hope, and only time would tell if they could save our race from extinction.

    *All work, including text or artwork is subject to copyright by the Author. Christi Smit - 2016. Cover is a WIP and all assets are subject to change, including font, images and background.

    Genre: Science Fiction, Action, Horror
    Release date: February 2016
    Website: Forthcoming
    Published on all major platforms - Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, etc
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    Congratulations! That cover looks very slick! Well done!

    Too bad about that spelling mistake...

    HAHA! Just kidding! Congrats again!

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    looks and sounds badass!

    Job well done mate.

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    Congratulations, that is awesome!

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    Thanks guys. Novel is busy in its editing stage. In the meantime I am doing all of the other stuff that leads up to release. I will be sure to link everyone here to the novel once it is released. My Goodreads author page will be up and ready to go upon release as well.

    Book will retail for under $5 so it will be an easy buy and read for new fans. I want to build a reader base and fan base instead of making money.

    And [MENTION=2060]oltman[/MENTION], almost made me check for a mistake. Bastard...

    "What's with the poop face?"

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    I'd read it ...... don't dig the walnut on the cover though. Otherwise very pro looking and sounding. Props.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mephisto_Helix View Post
    I'd read it ...... don't dig the walnut on the cover though. Otherwise very pro looking and sounding. Props.
    Thanks for the compliment. The walnut as you call it still has to be worked on, as do the rest of the cover. The silhouettes at the top will be replaced by unique concept work and some other tweaks as well.

    "What's with the poop face?"

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    Good stuff [MENTION=4772]Spartan[/MENTION]. I'll pick up a copy when it's released.
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    I can't wait to read it! It sounds great! And I actually like the cover art. Maybe a little too much pink :P

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    Awesome Spartan! Congrats!

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