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Thread: Massive South African Internet outage

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    Default Massive South African Internet outage

    South Africans are reporting that they cannot connect to both local and international websites, while a local ISP has warned users of a “National Internet outage” which is affecting its clients’ connectivity.

    Smart Village sent a message to clients stating that is was currently affected by a national Internet outage, and all it was “looking into the matter with our backhaul providers”.

    A MyBroadband reader stated that he received a notification that Google peering was offline in Johannesburg, and all traffic was being routed internationally.

    Other readers complained they could not connect to any international websites.
    Update 17:50: Seacom critical outage

    Undersea cable operator Seacom has stated it is experiencing multiple critical outages on its terrestrial network across Egypt.

    “All our international connectivity through Egypt has been affected since 14:06 GMT on the 21st January 2016,” said the company.

    “Repair teams have been dispatched. Seacom continues to monitor the situation closely and will provide necessary updates.”

    Original article
    NAPAfrica traffic graphs show sharp drop

    NAPAfrica, a layer 2 Internet Exchange (IX) point located within each Teraco data centre, reported a sharp drop in traffic across its South African IX points from around 16:00 on 21 January.

    Google, Telkom Internet, Afrihost, and Netflix are example of parties which peer at NAPAfrica.

    The graph below shows the sharp decline in traffic across NAPAfrica’s Internet Exchange points in the country.

    This is indicative of little traffic exchanging hands between networks in South Africa.

    Hosting provider Hetzner also posted a “slow or intermittent international connectivity” notice, informing users that its Johannesburg and Cape Town data centres were affected.

    This would result in customers experiencing connectivity problems.

    Multiple undersea cable outages and “large networks being offline” were also reported to MyBroadband by industry sources.

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    Seems fine on my end bud. Just not sure what CrystalWeb premium uses.

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    Something definitely was screwy today.

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    Looks like SEACOM has some issues again.

    SEACOM is experiencing multiple outages on the terrestrial network across Egypt. All our international connectivity through Egypt has been affected since 06:00GMT on the 28th January 2016.

    Repair teams are on site. SEACOM continues to monitor the situation closely and will provide necessary updates.

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