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Thread: Best T.V. Settings for PS3, tv model: UA32EH4003R

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    Lightbulb Best T.V. Settings for PS3, tv model: UA32EH4003R

    After a long time of testing, I found that these settings are the best for a Samsung tv: UA32EH4003R if you have a PS3 using HDMI, also switch game mode off.


    Mode: Standard
    Backlight: 14
    Contrast: 65
    Brightness: 46
    Sharpness: 40
    Colour: 50
    Tint (G/R): G50/R50

    Advanced Settings:

    Colour Space: Auto
    Dynamic Contrast: off
    Black Tone: Dark
    Flesh Tone: 0
    Motion Lighting: off

    Picture Options:

    Colour Tone: Standard
    Size: 16:9
    Digital Noise Filter: off
    HDMI Black Level: Low
    Film Mode: off
    LED Motion Plus: off

    I Used calibration discs/images and everything just to get these settings right! hope it helped!
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