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    Steam Could Learn A Thing Or Two From GOG’s New Early Access Program

    DRM-free gaming service GOG is introducing its own take on Early Access. Thanks to things like strict curation, a version rollback feature, and generous refunds, I’m super into it. I hope Valve is taking notes.

    The three pillars of GOG’s Early Access program (functionally but not-so-creatively titled “Games In Development”) sound like a brilliant way to cut down on exploitation of a system where people pay for games long before they’re “finished.” Here’s how GOG explains them:
    “First and foremost: we’re hand-picking only the games we can truly stand behind. Offering a selection of the most promising titles, and those most highly requested on the Community Wishlist, is our way of avoiding bloat and ensuring that every game will be worth your time.”

    “It takes some confidence to discover games that are still being shaped — and to build that trust, every game in development comes with a simple refund policy: 14 days, no questions asked. It doesn’t matter if you’re having technical issues, if you don’t think the game is sufficiently fleshed out, or if it simply doesn’t click with you — all games in development can be returned for any reason within 14 days of purchase.”

    “The GOG Galaxy client should also come in handy for games in development. It lets you control updates manually if you want, while the rollback feature allows you to easily restore any earlier version of your game if an update breaks something or makes unwanted changes. For games in development, rollback will also track and create historical snapshots throughout a game’s development. That means you can always revisit any point in a game’s history — for fun, or for science.”
    Sauce: Steamed.Kotaku

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    I really like the roll-back feature and that you can choose which version to use, that's pretty neat. Kudos to GOG

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    This game looks absolutely beautiful...

    Wishlisted it.
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    I am really keen to see their list of "early access" grow and to see how they'll pick and choose their titles. They definitely sound like the better contender to Steam and doing things proper. They must just get their Galaxy client running smoothly now

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    Sounds like a much better idea than the Early Access program. I am sooo skeptical to buy anything on early access after some of the horror stories floating around. This sounds like a better way of giving anyone the chance to try it for two weeks and then if it is not up to scratch, just return it. I can see it being exploited though, play a game until you are bored and then return it...

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