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Thread: The Division Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by medicnick83 View Post
    Friendly reminder!!!

    I think there are 4 days left of the 3RD GLOBAL EVENT: STRIKE

    Get in there, farm the hell outta the missions and get your CLASSIFIED GEAR and EXOTIC WEAPONS!

    If you looking for a group to join, my discord (URL below) is open to all - there is no excuse for players to not be playing this.

    1.8 is an amazing update! Give it a go.
    I got two Predator classified gear items in one GE cache the other day. Almost have a complete classified set.

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    For those who don't know - A quick way to get Division tech!

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    Hi guys,

    Got The Division Gold Edition on Origin for under R400 bucks.

    Problem is that I am downloading with a wounded 2Mbps ADSL and it is going to take a week to download. Anyone have the files around the Centurion West/Pretoria West are that I can copy from them?
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    Hi all,

    Just to let you know that my Discord is open for any players who want to get back into "The Division" especially now that 1.8 out is out and it's the best ever update for the game.
    My Discord (link in signature) has a nice varied collection of locals and international players and many of them are streamers too.

    Please don't expect myself or others (on said Discord) to assist you when the NEXT Global Event comes out to 'boost' new players - we will all be too busy farming the hell outta the event so rather join now - come swing by, team up, get the hang of all the changes now please.

    Over the last few days, we've worked hard to boost 4 players - it's hard work and such but it's great to see players coming to the game and others returning.

    As I've said before, if there was ever a time to come back to the game, it's now.

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    Hi all,

    There is an event happening now for "named bosses" in The Division, basically, double loot.

    More chances to get Classified and Exotics!

    Better hit the game now!

    Reminder: My discord is open (see signature) if you want to join us - if you have XBOX ONE or PS4 - my handle of "medicnick83" is there - I spend 90% of my time on PC but do play on the others if the team is full.

    Remember, end of this month is the next GLOBAL EVENT!
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    for those playing on ps4 feel free to add me

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    Hi all,

    I'd like to once again extend the invite to all the "Division" players to come over and visit my discord.

    The group is growing nicely, but we need more of a pool of players to assist with weekly's, legendaries etc.

    If you stepped away from the game at some point prior to 1.8 please do come back and give the game another go.

    I'm trying to get you back now, because once the next GLOBAL EVENT happens, coming back and wanting help with X & Y is not going to happen because all of us are going to be farming the hell outta the GE for Classifieds and Exotics.

    As always, pop in, join a group and say hi to people, join groups and farm etc.

    I've had to create more voice channels now to help and there are also channels where people can chat where need be - like I said, the community is growing nicely but we badly need more Division players for all the different events (underground, survival, weekly HVT's, legendary missions etc)

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    Hi all,

    8 DAYS left before the next GLOBAL EVENT (called "Ambush" this time around)

    If you have not gotten back into Division - now is a very good time, many can vouch for the awesomeness that is patch 1.8.
    If you need gear upgrades, or need to be leveled up or whatever, do it NOW, don't wait till the 23rd because you will not get help as everyone will be farming the GE to death to get classified gear and exotics and such.

    My discord has grown alot and there are lots of new players to join and play with (on PC) so please do pop in and make some friends and get ready for the GE!

    URL as always for the Discord is

    Invite yourself, invite your friends, get into the game and start playing again so YOU can be ready for the 23rd January 2018!

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    medicnick83 COMPETITION IS LIVE!

    Hi all,

    The competition to WIN a SEASON PASS key for the PC version of THE DIVISION is live!

    Please fill in the following form to enter the competition:

    If you know any players who are on PC and have the base game of The Division, ask them to enter.

    Any questions, ask away.
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    4 days left for the GE!

    Reminder about the competition that I'm running now!

    The competition to WIN a SEASON PASS key for the PC version of THE DIVISION is live!

    Please fill in the following form to enter the competition:

    If you know any players who are on PC and have the base game of The Division, ask them to enter.

    Any questions, ask away.
    I notice people are entering but they not completing everything.
    I was going to ask my moderators to check but I'm actually personally checking each entry and where possible, I'm even e-mailing the entrants.

    Please do share accordingly.

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