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    Default mygaming alternative philosophy

    So with the recent articles such as games that will be awesome or games that will disappoint and thinking about Schrödinger's cat. I had the thought, "A game will be both awesome and disappoint once you view the trailer." Because you don't have any actual game play to go on but it can look really great but could turn out really bad.

    Schrödinger's Game - A game will be both awesome and disappoint once you view the trailer.

    So lets get together a few alternative gaming philosophies.
    T A N S T A A F L

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    I present: The M.C. Escher On-Sale Waterfall.

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    The bigger your backlog, the bigger the discount on wishlisted games during sales and/or bundles, thus creating a closed system, accumulative, perpetual motion of acquisition vs completion.

    Simply put: for every game you complete, two will be on sale at a price point you can't ignore.

    Usage: "It's almost December. Guess I'll take another shower in Escher's Steam-Waterfall."
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    [MENTION=11450]Mister 44[/MENTION]

    Easily one of the best posts i have seen on this forum in a while... Thank you my good sir...

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