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Thread: Post your favourite /r/ [Reddit Thread]

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    Default Post your favourite /r/ [Reddit Thread]

    So I was wondering guys... Do you frequent Reddit? I do some perusing from time to time however not very frequently.

    I'm a total lurker there. Do any of you actively participate in your favourite subreddits?

    Please share the subreddits you frequent or subscribe to.

    I have a few...

    TIL - Today I learned
    Showerthoughts (One of my favs)
    South Africa

    I must admit the subreddits I frequent are very general or "tip of the iceberg" as I am aware that there are very niche subreddits out there.

    Please share some interesting subreddits with us!
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    /r/AskHistorians - sometimes some very great questions asked here and the guys do a great job of answering it. Only serious replies are allowed.

    /r/Documentaries/ - I have found quite a few nice documentaries posted in this sub

    /r/RandomActsOfGaming/ - Game Giveaway sub

    /r/AskReddit/ - People ask random questions, with sometimes hilarious results

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    Also spend some time in the SA one but I wouldn't count that as a "favourite".
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