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Thread: How Far Has Your "Apple" Fallen?

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    Default How Far Has Your "Apple" Fallen?

    Some of us followw in our parents' footsteps; sometimes even as far as to be in the same field of work as they are (i.e Mechanic, Chef, Technician).

    While not every young adult does this, some do.
    How far has your "apple" fallen?
    Are you close to your folks or distant from them?

    Some of you may not wish to talk about it, and that's fine; just curious as to who's pretty much shadowed their parents.

    My dad was a Telkom technician for many years. I was contemplating the same path, but given the option to start my own thing (encouraged by him) ha(s/d) given me a change of plan.

    My mom is a Sister (professional nurse); obviously I'm not gonna become a freakin' nurse

    What about you?
    How close have you stuck the parental "tree"?

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    [MENTION=9033]Talentloos[/MENTION] loves his Apple devices, maybe he can share some light.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeoTeK View Post
    [MENTION=9033]Talentloos[/MENTION] loves his Apple devices, maybe he can share some light.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talentloos View Post
    Are you saying you're an idiot?
    --~<0>~-- {type}DEV --~<0>~--

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    Quote Originally Posted by FarligOpptreden View Post
    Are you saying you're an idiot?
    No I'm awesome. Beo is an idiot.

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    Pretty much full circle.

    Worked for my dad when I was a kid, then worked as an IT technician for a few years (purely fixing pc's for an international company).
    Then I started working for my dad again.

    Now (and for the past 12 years) I have worked for the company my dad worked for when I was a child, different field though.

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    My iPod fell about 1 foot once and broke the screen...

    OT: I work in the same company as my Dad, although is in an office in a different country.

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    Well, my father, who's retired now, has always been in the telecommunications industry. Started out as a radio technician all those years ago and ended up managing capital expenditure budgets for a large operator, who has many many many operations in Africa. I went on to study B.IT at the University of Pretoria after school and landed my first dev job whilst I was doing my final year of studies. 18 months ago and partner and I started our own dev company.

    And guess what? My biggest client is now a telecommunications operator, but not the one my father worked for. Another coincidence is my father is now contracting to a renewable / hybrid energy provider focusing on the telecommunications industry. I just had a sales meeting today with a company doing exactly the same, wanting software built for their renewable / hybrid energy solution. They don't specifically focus on telecommunications, but it is one of their markets. So yeah, the apple probably didn't fall all that far.

    O(ff)T: My wife's iPhone 4 once dropped off her nightstand, shattering the screen. I guess it was about 600mm.
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    iphone has fallen a million times Really Hard already ! no Damage (thanks Otterbox )

    Oh and my apple has fallen far afaik

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    i have never owned an apple of any kind whatsoever...

    also i dont do anything close to what my parents did/do. Im in the legal field, My mother is a housewife and my father is train mechanic or something to do with trains and their breaks....
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    Hello WinzEveryDayz.

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