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Thread: Threadkiller Mk XIII

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    Morning TK
    [MENTION=9040]B1nary[/MENTION] check your whatsapp - we have placed orders already, if you want place your order and say collect for delivery and I will pick it up and give you tomorrow

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    Quote Originally Posted by B1nary View Post
    [MENTION=297]FarligOpptreden[/MENTION] have you seen Jotun
    I have indeed! Been deliberating whether I should buy it on special or not... Might as well take the plunge, as the artwork looks gorgeous!
    --~<0>~-- {type}DEV --~<0>~--

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    good Mornings!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Eugene View Post
    Hello WinzEveryDayz.

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    yay I finally have access to update my own avatar!

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    Hi peoples !
    Quote Originally Posted by Wenzdayz View Post
    ja they must watch it just now i decide to beat them with my empty Ricci Louw bottle

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    Ugh I'm having a bad morning. Will be back later.

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    Hello. Still no time for forums Still, had to stop by to say Hi

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    Thanx for the feedback but how will i know which routers support say just vodacom or telkoms 8ta. Its not for me its for farm people who have no line access

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    Sorry to pop this here, but this is driving me crazy... a long couple of years ago, a HDD manufacturer was having financial trouble. So they took a whole bunch of empty HDD enclosures, filled their it with weights, used rocks of some sort I think, then shipped it to costumers.
    Their tactic\logic was, they would get paid for the HDDs and use that money to get the business back on its feet. They would then replace the HDDs sent out with new working ones, hoping no one would be the wiser as you can't open the HDD without voiding the warranty. But they fired or laid off one of the guys who filled the HDD and he blew the whistle... what was that company called?

    My google ninja skills are nowhere to be found today....

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