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Thread: Threadkiller Mk XIII

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthRiven View Post
    Ah, pulling a G-Man
    Never even thought of it that way.

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    Hello tkers

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    Technology - life made so much easier and more convenient (for hackers to jack all your shit).

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    So, what a long day. Been up since 4, and I've had meetings the whole day. Strategic thinking and planning takes it out of a person.

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    Morning everyone

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    Almighty legit one.

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    Who here has had 4 impacted wisdom teeth out?

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    Morning, everyone. I'm feeling like a cold might be starting to take hold. Woke up with a headache and general stuffiness.

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    I got a headache yesterday at work and woke up with it again.
    T A N S T A A F L

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donisia View Post
    Who here has had 4 impacted wisdom teeth out?
    That sounds terrible. Though none of my wisdoms have revealed themselves, I have one that has popped out a little skeeaf, but I am in no pain.

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