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Thread: Threadkiller Mk XIII

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    Purple, as one of my favourite colours is starting to fade away...

    I definitely gravitate more towards green and black.
    Life and Death - IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solitude View Post
    Morning peoples. Ugh have to prepare for a meeting at 10am. So will be back a bit later.

    Aw no man, that's terrible! Hasn't something like this happened to you before?
    Hi Solitude. Yes, about three years when I was walking back from doing grocery shopping for the house and getting library books. That is when they took my smartphone. This time, it was alongside a busy road, but criminals have become so brazen nowadays that it no longer matters. I am glad that our CEO found me at the side of the road. HR set about arranging transport to and from work for me.

    I went and sat at the poolside and dangled my feet in the water for a while. Sun is quite fierce here at the moment, so I didn't stay there long.

    [MENTION=2399]czc[/MENTION]: That is true. They didn't draw weapons, hit me, or even use abusive language. In fact, the first thing the dude said was that he wanted to borrow my bag. Non-native tongue error. That confused me at first.
    Ja.....couldn't summon up the will do play games, or read, or watch Netflix on Thursday night......just sat and stared off into the distance. In my imagination, they were being tortured almost to the point of death [no anaesthetics offered], and resuscitated to be tortured again. Reminds me of the "White Rabbit" episode of "Black Mirror".

    @Wenzday: Thank you.
    =|This space for rent|=

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hagan View Post
    Purple, as one of my favourite colours is starting to fade away...

    I definitely gravitate more towards green and black.
    Life and Death - IMO.
    Black 'm white, chrome, and shades of blue for me. I am going to be applying dark grey, blue and white sleeving to my SATA cables. My PC case is black and white, and I am getting a modded black and white keyboard via Carbonite.

    I got Mass Effect 2 as a freebie from EA Origin. I am remembering just how much I love Mass Effect - and how difficult it is to stop playing ;0
    The default keyboard layout doesn't work for me, so I'm changing key binding to something more lefty friendly as I go along. My mouse aiming is still haphazard.
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    =|This space for rent|=

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    Morning peoples! I've got an exceptionally busy week but will pop in when I can.

    Have a good week all of you!

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    Morning everyone
    Almighty legit one.

    Steam: TechThief TechThief#2664 Uplay: CrzCop Origin: TechThief

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    Morning all, super busy time is super busy.Between work, studies and trying to maintain some form of personal life

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    Morning everyone

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    Morning everyone ,back at work for me

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    [MENTION=2399]czc[/MENTION] I sent you a pm yesterday that you may have missed.

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    uhm afternoonings good people of TK
    Quote Originally Posted by Eugene View Post
    Hello WinzEveryDayz.

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