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Thread: Threadkiller Mk XIII

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    Morning all

    We're only working until 12:00 today! Yay!
    It took us almost an hour to get into work this morning, security had the bright idea of searching every car entering the premises. A little birdy has told me they plan on doing the same thing at knock-off time. Joy!

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    Gonna try and take the afternoon off here as well

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    Hai hai, hopefully we get to go home early today, I need this weekend badly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DieGrootHammer View Post
    Morning everyone!!! My long weekend starts in 1 hour!!! Yay!!

    Also, I got stuck waiting on people to connect to our telecon from Asia, so while I waited on them, I grabbed my Switch and played about 45 minutes of Zelda. Its so awesome to be able to do that.
    Jy en dai switch maak my net jaloers! Mis jou maaitjie!

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    Morning to all the TK people
    T A N S T A A F L

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    Woohoo! Afternoon off for everyone here. Means I still have my monthly afternoon off in the bank!

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    I'm working on Saturday :/ stupid work

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    No afternoon off for me. My wifey will have to work on Monday which is sucky.

    Looking forward to this long weekend though! Going to play lots of games and on Sunday will be visiting the parents.

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