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    This week is budget week at ELCB

    Someone came around asking whether there are any courses we might like to go on.
    I am down for MS Access and have expressed an interest in learning how to create
    web pages. To my surprise, the boss didn't shoot that down, but said I should find out
    what the prerequisites are for doing that sort of thing and get back to him about it.

    I told him that it might be handy to have someone around who could act as a backup
    should those who normally work on the website be too busy.

    What prerequisites should I have satisfied before I tackle html?
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    I wouldn't say much. How good is your computer skills?

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    HTML is quite an entry level form of programming. And there are plenty of visual tools to help you along so you don't have to be a total expert in HTML just to get started.

    The only thing that I see as a pre-req is that you are good with computers. If you struggle with basic functions, you might have a tough time getting into any kind of programming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phoenix View Post
    What prerequisites should I have satisfied before I tackle html?
    Heh, "tackle". HTML is mostly just formatting - i.e. organising the way text and visual objects are arranged on a page. It's extremely easy to learn, and the only real prerequisite is some basic familiarity with computers. Of course, web page development goes a lot further than HTML (and CSS), since so many sites use databases and whatnot. That's where XML, .NET frameworks, Javascript, jquery, Flash, PHP, and everything else comes in.

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    HTML is pretty simple and basic to learn, but as Azi mentioned there is plenty more to it than just HTML.

    Now days I dont even bother building sites from scratch, I just use systems like Joomla, Droople etc.
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    if you wanna start learning HTML go to fantastic website to use for starters I still use it to this day if I dont understand something.
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    HTML and CSS are used to build websites but bare in mind that these websites will be static. If you want to have a website where you can update content using a content management system then you'll need to learn things like PHP, ASP, MySQL etc.

    If your company has a fairly complicated website that involves content managed info then perhaps you may want to rethink your "being backup" plan
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    Thank you for your input.

    I am conversant with elementary Windows operations as well as all of Office bar Access and am no stranger to the internet, so
    I think that, at the very least, I shall be able to manage opening Notepad and making my way to w3schools.

    I'll dip into Azimuth's alphabet soup once I am confident that I know a thing or two about html.
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