Microsoft will finally be realizing one of their oldest promises regarding the Xbox One console this summer- come the Windows 10 Anniversary update for the console, and each console will be able to turn into a devkit, allowing potentially all 20 million Xbox One owners to become indie game developers.

This will be achieved via a new app, DevMode, which will allow users to register themselves as Xbox one developers with Microsoft, and allow their consoles to switch over into devkit mode at the press of a single button.

That’s not the only big update to the Xbox One that will be happening, either, as Microsoft have also confirmed that Universal Windows Apps, as well as a unified store across all devices running Windows, will finally be coming this Summer too- meaning the Xbox One gets access to, and the advantage of, the new Windows development paradigm.

So yeah, it sounds like Microsoft will finally be delivering on some of their oldest promises- and all of us will benefit in the process.

Source: GamingBolt