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Thread: People are gullible

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    Default People are gullible

    So, last week I entered the competition of what features I would like to see. Didn't win! :-(

    So let me tell you this story.
    Many years ago...I had just started my first job as network administrator, I just realized how gullible people really are!

    We had experienced down time with the internet line...and I decided to see how gullible these people are....

    I walked into the open plan office and with a straight faced announced; "Our internet connection is down. The service provider is working on it. Due to that you will not be able to use the microwave and the coffee machine. And also, the toaster will not be working!"

    Silence.... "Oh no...then we just as well go home. We can't even make coffee!", the one woman remarked...

    I ran out of the office bursting with laughter....

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    That would be a nice April Fool joke though.
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    [MENTION=23619]JohannS[/MENTION], you should totally go to the r/talesfromtechsupport and post this up there. I noticed being subbed to that subreddit how people don't really understand technology, so believe pretty much anything a person from an IT background has to say.

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    Reminds me of this one secretary a few years back that cleaned her floppies and floppy holder after her computer was infected by a virus...I struggled to keep the laughter in. She was literally wiping off every disk she had.

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    [MENTION=23109]Cappie[/MENTION], this is your type of thread.

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