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Thread: Best hard drives and price???

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    Default Best hard drives and price???

    Well, now its time to choose my hard drives, here is my rigg setup...
    I want 2 separate hard drives.... On to store my programs and OS and one for the media things...
    any suggestions?

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    I've got WD Caviar black drives, seem pretty good.

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    Try and get the fastest drive for the OS. For your Media storage, get the largest drive on special. Buying a bigger drive works out cheaper than smaller ones. Well, that applies to all drives except the new 2TB ones, there's a premium on those drives making them more expensive.

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 - 1TB HDD 32MB Cache @ Take2 for R842. (the 500GB costs R501, so the 1TB works out much cheaper)

    That's the best Cheapest drive i can find right now, maybe some other forumites have some better insight on Deals on the Web.

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    those are good prices. Although i think i need an external

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    Yes that is a very good price cheapest I have seen.

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    Yes agreed. Loving how these 1TB drives are getting cheaper and cheaper !
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    My mate has like 6 off those 1TB drives full with Anime. Its a good buy. Burning disks just doesn't cut it anymore.

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    I have a 1TB 7200.12. Awesome drive for anything really but I use it for my data. I guess a 500GB 7200.12 will be a good OS drive (just partition it right)

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