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Thread: Rumor: AMD to slash GPU prices

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
    Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Nvidia!!
    If these rumours are true then ATI will cemcent its place as the best bang for buck Gpu!!
    Even though they already hold that ace up their sleeves!!
    after the powerplay ***up in the early batches of the 48xxx's i will not get another ati, to that issue i had to go the arbatory route to have my gpu work...which should have worked in the first place without any hassels.

    no thanx, not betting red again even if its free. with green at least there is proper drivers and it works out of the box without having its customers jump through hoops.

    out of all the nv's i had from the trusty geforce 2 none had as much issue as two ati's i have used in total up to now.

    guess red just don't like me , though in ati's defence its not as bad as SiS cards was waaaaaaaay back in the day....
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    Always good news, but I won't be replacing my GTX 280 any time soon.

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