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Thread: WoW Legion

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    Default WoW Legion

    I was wondering if anyone is gonna give it a spin with the release just around the corner?

    Personally didnt play much after Cataclysm. Kinda skipped MoP and had an on and off relationship with WoD. The whole legion setting has me interested and the Class Halls makes it a bit more alive/sociable than those useless garrisons. Also Demon hunters! Was hoping to see them as a class since the announcement of TBC.
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    Never played, always wanted to but lacked the money/time to do so. I'm playing Overwatch though, so TECHNICALLY I'm playing the WoW sequel :P
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    Bought Legion already. Waiting for release. Contemplating between 1 week of leave or 2.

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    Played all the expansions on release for a few months, last time i played "seriously" was in WotLK, want to try out Legion so will probably give it a go.

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    I'm going to reroll when the expac launches. The server queue on Draenor will probably end up being 14 hours during prime time. Gonna find me a quiet little server.

    I'm on leave that week for other reasons but i might squeeze in an hour or 48 when it launches.

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    Sadly I'm broke. Maybe next year I'll try it.

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    I have pre purchaced so i'm in just have to get my sub going end of the month

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    Ill get it but tbh i'm not excited for it
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