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Thread: Post Your Phone Home Screen

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    Quote Originally Posted by DieGrootHammer View Post
    Hey [MENTION=9040]B1nary[/MENTION], check out my background....

    oh thats a sexy man beast you have there, you know thats the first photo of me wearing color after like 10 years, Glad you have something to remind you of me during the day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avatar View Post
    Some background, and a alternatives suggestion thread on reddit:

    ES file explorer now installing adware
    ES file explorer added bloatware
    Looking for app alternative to ES file explorer

    I've got the same requirement for SSH, so I guess I'll stick with juice for now. I only ever use it to reboot a machine, and then run noip on it after it's booted again.
    Cool will have a look. thanks for the heads up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solitude View Post
    Happy birthday Jamie!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avatar View Post
    Happy birthday Jamie!

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    Smart Launcher (Retro Theme)

    Name:  Screenshot_2016-08-16-12-23-51.png
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