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Thread: Savage Resurrection - Dedicated servers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xiphan View Post
    Just tested out your server and it's working. Sadly no one playing though. However perhaps for initial testing we could set it to AI Commanders? That way people can play the normal game for now and not have to worry about the RTS aspect while we wait for other players to join?
    Great! Will look into that, will see if i can find the setting or option to do AI Commanders.

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    Sweet, who else has the game and should we try arrange a time to play this game?

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    [MENTION=2132]Xiphan[/MENTION] Alright, join now and test it out Made it so at least there is bots that you can play againts to keep it fun until more players join.

    And Bots will also take over Commander if there is no Player commander.

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    I played both the previous games and have been getting into this one as well. Keen to try out some South African servers.

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