The world has changed since MyGaming first launched.

The clear divisions that existed between PC and console gaming have become increasingly blurred. I haven't run the numbers, but it also seems as though major console exclusives are fewer than the previous generation.

This has caused much of the discussion that was happening in the consoles sub-forum (currently called "PS4, Xbox One, other consoles, and mobile gaming") to migrate to the General / cross-platform sub-forum.

Now that "exclusives" has morphed into "console exclusives" (i.e. available on PC too) and "timed exclusives" (i.e. Rise of the Tomb Raider), keeping the current sub-forum configuration is making less and less sense.

So here's what I want to do: mass consolidation of the PC, cross-platform, and console sub-forums.

There are a lot of stickies that will need sorting out, but it shouldn't be a big issue. I'll unsticky some old stuff, and create "merging stickies" (like the community-hosted servers thread).

This is one of those situations were maintaining the status quo isn't really an option, so I'm open to alternative suggestions if you don't think this is a good move.

What say you?