This week we are giving away the following prizes:

  • 1TB external USB hard drive
  • Mystery gadget

  • Visit ASUS South Africa's Twitter and Facebook pages, and follow and/or like them.
  • Tell them which of their products you would like to to check out at rAge. Be sure to say @mygaming (or @mygamingza on Facebook) sent you.
  • Post "Followed" in a separate post in this thread for following ASUS on Twitter.
  • Post "Liked" in a separate post in this thread for liking ASUS on Facebook.
  • Post what you told them you would like to see at rAge this year in separate posts.
  • You may enter a total of 4 times: once for liking, once for following, once for a posting a Tweet at ASUS, and once for posting on their Facebook page.
  • No discussion in this thread, please.

The competition will end at 23:59 on 7 October 2016, and standard competition rules apply.

Promotion explained: This giveaway forms part of a value-add to companies which advertise on MyGaming. They support the site, and in turn we give them additional exposure by asking you to engage with their campaign. They do not pay for clicks (all campaigns are set rate or CPM), which means that the company benefits for free, and you can win cool prizes. A win-win, as it were.