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On that point though, we are still paying significantly more for Apple products than what other countries are paying.
'tis true. Its wild. On an iPhone there is a good 5k difference on the top end. Same for most electronics.

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Each country has its own discount programmes, but according to Ster-Kinekor, people using monthly passes for movies in the UK are in the minority.
They're quite common. I've got one of those UK unlimited cards in my pocket as do the majority of my friends. Seen someone pay the cash once-off fee exactly once...me paying when my sis from ZA was visiting.

In fairness its perhaps a brand thing - I'm talking about Cineworld. Its possible that their business model is fundamentally different from SK. (Haven't been to a UK SK - no reason to given unlimited)

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For 3D screenings, and "premium screenings or seat types" you pay extra.
Yup. Costs a pound extra. As a reference point a cup of coffee costs me 2.5 pounds. Even that is waived after the first 12 months. Don't really think its an issue one way or the other.

On a side note...the food/drink prices @ cinema in UK are the wrong side of stupid. They're not shy about their unlimited cards 'cause they know you'll get screwed that side and the more use you make of said unlimited the more food you buy. The whole thing is very distorted.

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Games therefore only have to be affordable enough for people in that income bracket to buy them.
No affordability in this context (comparing countries 1:1 with only PP adjustment) is not a function of income brackets. If you do that then you'd need to compare what the richest X% in the UK can afford vs the income bracket in ZA you're talking about. Has to be comparable.

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which I may explore in a future article, is that the price of games have rocketed beyond inflation much faster than the price of movie tickets have.
May I suggest using something like petrol price instead/in addition to? I realise thats not entertainment but: Not only is the relevant data much more accessible its also much easier to present that as a bullet proof starting point: Brent crude price isn't up for dispute, FX isn't either, demand and supply is somewhat stable and SA petrol price is fixed based on formulas. So aside from ZA gov screwing with the petrol levy it should be pretty easy to analyse over a period of time in a credible way...and I'm sure historic steam prices can be sourced from somewhere too.

Regardless, my post had an inappropriately negative tone and for that I apologise - this type of article is something myself and other have wanted to see more of & I realise that my initial response didn't uhm convey this.