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    Default Mobile VR Games Suggestions

    Have any of you fellow gamers discover any good VR games? Please share them here.
    Also alot of the games that require bluetooth controller does not fully support the PS4 remote. Also share if you find games that support Dualshock 4

    Here's some I enjoyed:

    - A time in space 1 & 2, Darkness Coaster : Not a game more like a VR experience.
    - InMind VR
    - Lost in the Kismet - Escape room type game. A bit short but good.
    - VaR's VR Video Player - To watch download 360 Video
    - Hidden Temple VR-Adventure - Escape Room Game - Best Ive found (no controller needed)

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    if you have a gear vr i would definately recommend face your fears. its free and awesome !!
    i just completed my second youtube video on it. another one for gear vr is rilix coaster.
    they arent that interactive but still very good

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